About Channel Z 95.1 (WCHZ-FM)

WCHZ-FM Info (1996)

WCHZ Channel Z
432 S Belair Road
Martinez, GA 30907
(706) 650-2314

Management Information

  • Ownership: SuperFrank (Frank Copsidas of Radio 2000) – The story is that Frank made a station swap with a company called GMR Broadcasting. The station he acquired in this deal became Channel Z)
  • Financial Backing: Jesscom International
  • Station Manager: Eric Hall (Reckless Eric)
  • Music Director: Johnny Cage

1995-96 Weekdays On-Air Staff

  • Morning Team: Charly Kayle and Tracy McLain (6-10 AM)
  • The Free Lunch: Jeff Jackson (10 AM-3 PM)
  • The Ride Home: Reckless Eric (3-7 PM)
  • Nights: Johnny Cage (7 PM-midnight)

Late 1996 Weekdays On-Air Staff

  • Morning Show: Johnny Cage (6-10 AM)
  • The Free Lunch: Tracy McLain (10 AM-3 PM)
  • The Ride Home: Reckless Eric (3-7 PM)
  • Nights: Jay Bradley (7 PM-midnight)

Other On-Air Personalities

  • DJ: Yanci
  • DJ: Tommy Bolt – fill-in and co-DJ shifts
  • DJ: Doug Motes – ran the South By Southeast (SxSE) radio show on Sunday nights with Reckless Eric; now works as a pharmacist in Augusta.
  • DJ: Todd Wilkinsonliquidtodd.com– Todd served nine months as Production Director at Channel Z, where he hosted a Saturday night mix show.
  • DJ: The Earthling (a/k/a Ty Bess) – Ty started at Channel Z in 1994, DJing a new Saturday night dance show called “Groove Nation” after Todd’s departure. This was a live remote broadcast of underground electronic music, which ran until the station closed in December 1996.

Miscellaneous Info

  • Channel Z was nominated for Billboard Radio Monitor’s Small Market Radio Station of the Year in 1996.
  • Johnny Cage was also nominated for Billboard Radio Monitor’s Music Director of the Year in 1996 for his work at Channel Z.
  • Channel Z played in a softball game against other local media personalities at Lake Olmstead Stadium on April 21, 1996.
  • Charly Kayle now works the Weekend Crew at FM 100, Memphis.
  • Jeff Jackson went on to work at one of Channel Z’s affiliates in Greensboro, NC. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Reckless Eric went on to work the all-request Drive Home at 5 PM on WKZQ 101.7 in Myrtle Beach, and also served as Operations Manager. He now works as Operations Manager at a station in Tuscaloosa, AL.
  • For a short time, Johnny Cage worked at WKZQ with Reckless Eric, DJing mid-days and serving as Production Director. He now goes by “Super Todd,” working the Bob & Sheri show on Charlotte, NC’s 107.9 The Link.
  • Liquid Todd now hosts a Saturday night show at K-Rock 92.3 FM in New York City, former home of the Howard Stern Show.
  • Ty Bess (“The Earthling”) was a regular DJ at the Modjeska Lounge on Broad Street (Augusta, GA) in 2004. He recently opened a music store called Beatheads for DJs and electronic artists.

Johnny Cage on SuperFrank

“SuperFrank… what can I say about SuperFrank? At one time we had three Channel Zs: Augusta, Springfield and Kansas City. He no longer owns any of those stations, but has interest in a Kansas City station. Reports are that he has some station down in the Bahamas. Frank being Frank hasn’t missed an opportunity to make money in many different endeavors. It’s been over two years since we’ve talked!”
Johnny Cage, Channel Z Music Director

Note: It is understood that from 2001-2003, SuperFrank owned a station at 105.1 FM in Kansas City, MO – KFME. An 80s/90s pop hits station, the buzz for E-105 was “Retro to Right Now,” with two or three new songs per hour. This station was bought in 2004, becoming “Jack FM.”