Channel Z Five O’Clock Hootie Hoo

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Celebrating The End Of The Week

Mixed by: Todd Wilkinson
Transferred and remastered by: Brandon Mullis

The “Five O’Clock Hootie-Hoo” was by far the most anticipated part of every week at Channel Z. Mixed in-house, the song was a celebration of the end of the work-week, and the freedom of the start of each weekend. It was featured every Friday to kick off DJ Reckless Eric’s “Ride Home,” and became the proud anthem of all Channel Z listeners. When Channel Z went off the air on December 10, 1996, the Hootie-Hoo got more requests than any other song they played.

Liquid Todd, DJ who mixed the “Hootie Hoo” for Channel Z 95.1

Most people figure the Hootie-Hoo as merely “Rock & Roll, Pt. 2” by Gary Glitter, but this is incorrect. While Channel Z used “Rock & Roll, Pt. 2” on a number of occasions, most of the Hootie-Hoo came from a remix of the song done by the Timelords, who juxtaposed it with the Doctor Who theme and “Blockbuster” by Sweet. This track was called “Doctorin’ the Tardis,” and it was featured on the album The History of the JAMs a.k.a. The Timelords in 1988.


The Hootie-Hoo was mixed by Todd Wilkinson, who today goes by the name Liquid Todd. He made the track using predominantly the 12″ mix of “Doctorin’ the Tardis,” adding audio clips from other songs, films, and Channel Z airtime within the first minute of the track. At about 3:45 it switches to a break from “Rock & Roll, Pt. 2,” then finally goes to the album version of “Doctorin’ the Tardis” for the outro.

What the hell is the “Tardis”?

The TARDIS is the method used by Dr. Who to travel through time on the TV show of the same name. It stands for “Time and Relative Dimensions In Space.” (The chanting on the track is saying “Dr. Who – hey! Dr. Who, Dr. Who – hey! The TARDIS, Dr. Who – hey! Dr. Who, Dr. Who…” etc.)

Sources of the clips heard in the first minute:

  • “Hi Rob, it’s Thelma! It’s five o’clock; hootie hoo!” – on-air caller
  • “Who loves you, and who do you love?” – Richard Dawson from the 1987 film The Running Man
  • “Open the door, sit in the seat, turn the key and go.” – not sure originally – commercial? Featured on Messiah’s album 21st Century Jesus
  • “It’s Friday!” – sounds like Reckless Eric, other on-air DJ
  • “You might catch yourself sliding in and out of a hallucinatory state after this is all over. If you do, just relax and enjoy it.” – 1983 film Videodrome
  • “What’s going on?” – I’m not sure of this one; sounds like an 80s teen film, but it won’t come to me. I could be wrong – any ideas?
  • “Just what is it that you want to do?” “We want to be free. We want to be free to… to do what we want to do. And we want to get loaded! And we want to have a good time! And that’s what we’re going to do. (indistinguishable) We’re gonna have a good time.” – Peter Fonda in the 1966 film The Wild Angels
  • “I have one thing to say.” – RuPaul, “Supermodel (You Better Work)” 1993
  • “Don’t be afraid of your freedom!” – The Soup Dragons, “I’m Free” 1990
  • “Hello, this is (indistinguishable); welcome to the weekend! Right on!” – I don’t know these – could be an on-air personality, but I can’t distinguish the name. Help me out?